Lumenman Blades


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Story of the Lumenman Blades

I was handcrafting many light blades in the last years. Always on the search for the perfect modular system that fits any flashlight and that is super tough and nearly undestroyable.

On the other hand the light blades have to be affordable and therefore be based on parts that are not 100% self made (Most of the core parts are self made of course!). Parts that I could source worldwide in bigger quantities to get an attractive price tag on the Lumenman Blades.

The biggest challenge was to get enough light into the blades and not narrow down the beam of your flashlight when attaching something. This makes the blades attractive to be used in lighter enviroments or with weaker flashlights.

A huge source of inspiration was and still is Patrick Rochon who was the first that I know of bringing those light blades to life. His own blades are called Liteblades ® and of course I own and still love them as well.

My solution for “my perfect light blade”

Lumenman Light Blades

I figured out what different forms do to light by prototyping. I got those designs mill-cut in a bigger quantity and combined the acrylic blades with a base of solid acryl. That makes them really tough. As a connector I am using parts that I could source in large quantities.

It’s all finally assembled in my own garage in Germany and shipped to the Amazon warehouse to get them out with the amazing Amazon Prime service in less than a day shipping.

They may not be perfect, but at this time they work perfectly for me. Hope you like them as well 😉

Pictures and links to buy the Lumenman Blades


Each blade comes with a connector. Only an additional flashlight is needed and maybe some black tape to cover the base of the blade. Nothing else. You are ready to go!




Allround blade with a fat texture.
59 Euro


Classic shape, super universal. Big blocks when on strobed flashlight.
49 Euro


Smooth and round. For the good flow.
49 Euro


Special blade for super fat textures, strobe it for the spine of a dino.
59 Euro

Quorra Orange

Special orange limited edition.
sold out completely

Quorra Green

Special green limited edition.
sold out completely


The futuristic light blade. Generates nice parallel lines or octa boxes when on strobe.
59 Euro


Super small but fast. Sharp lines, clear edges. Also works with weaker flashlights.
39 Euro


Sharp, sharper, Sark. Double lines with two edges.
59 Euro


The classic trangle shape. Big, clear, sharp. No excuses.
49 Euro


I also offer a set to jump right into the beauty of the modular system. The set comes with color gels as a bonus:

Blade Set 2

Accessories Tipps:

Lee Sample Set: Colors colors colors, great set!

Neewer Farbfolien: Colors for a smaller budget, slightly bigger gels than within the Lee set.

LED Lenser M7RX: The swiss knife, focusable, powerful, strobe, recharchable

LED Lenser P7.2: Bestseller, a version within budget

LED Lenser M7: A little weaker than the M7RX and non recharchable – but a lot cheaper

Klarus RS11: Strobe with an extra button. Both buttons on the side (great for blades) but not focusable

Nextorch TA40: Programmable for different strobe frequencies! (Windows not Mac needed)

Fingerlichter: Cheap fingerlights. Multipurpose 😉

Examples of light painting done with the blades