Light painting – about Lumenman

Light painting

I paint with light. My canvas is dark and three dimensional.
Light painting is my form of art to create what’s in my head.
The limit is my imagination.
(Lumenman, light painting artist)

Bernhard Rauscher
Bernhard Rauscher / Lumenman

Hi, I am Bernhard Rauscher alias Lumenman. I work as a photographer and professional light painter.

I compose my light paintings either in total darkness or in a low light enviroment on location. Light painting is done during a long exposure photography while the shutter of the camera stays open (in Bulb mode).

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There are basically two types of light painting

  1. Lighting the object or enviroment with different lights. The light source is not seen in the final photography. Colored gels may be used.
  2. Light painting, light writing, light graffiti or light art, whatever you want to call it: the light source is recorded and seen on the photography. With a long exposure setting one can draw or even create complex light art, that’s not visible with the human eye. It’s only visible in the final image.

Light painting and photoshop?

The real challenge is to create the final image within the camera. Like it could have been done on film. Photoshop is not used in my light paintings to manipulate anything. But of course there is some slight post production done to get a crisp and saturated look.

Individual light paintings

Since the location is my canvas I love the challenge to create light art in different enviroments. I created artwork for magazines and advertising. The creative challenge is to create an idea that fits to the theme and location given.

I am part of the great Olympus visionary program. Thanks, Olympus for the awesome support!


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